The Government of Erie County, NY: Serving and Improving the Lives of its Residents

Learn about the role of government in Erie County, NY and how it serves its residents through various departments and agencies. Discover the importance of regular elections in ensuring an efficient and accountable government.

The Government of Erie County, NY: Serving and Improving the Lives of its Residents

Erie County, NY is a bustling area located in the western part of New York State. With a population of over 900,000 people, it is the most populous county in the state outside of New York City. As such, it requires a strong and efficient government to serve its residents and ensure the smooth functioning of the county.

The County Executive

At the head of the government in Erie County is the County Executive. This position was created in 1960 when the county adopted a charter form of government.

The County Executive is responsible for overseeing all county departments and agencies, as well as proposing and implementing policies and programs to benefit the residents of Erie County. The current County Executive of Erie County is Mark Poloncarz, who was first elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015 and 2019. He is a Democrat and has been praised for his efforts in improving the county's finances and infrastructure.

County Legislature

The County Legislature is the legislative branch of the government in Erie County. It consists of 11 members, each representing a district within the county. The legislature is responsible for passing laws and approving the county's budget. The members of the legislature are elected every two years, with elections taking place in even-numbered years. This means that there is an election for half of the legislature every year.

The next election for all 11 seats will take place in November 2021.

County Departments and Agencies

The government in Erie County consists of various departments and agencies that work together to provide services to its residents. Some of these departments include:
  • Department of Social Services: This department provides assistance to low-income individuals and families, including food stamps, Medicaid, and temporary housing.
  • Department of Public Works: Responsible for maintaining and improving the county's infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and parks.
  • Department of Health: Works to promote and protect the health of Erie County residents through various programs and services.
  • Department of Senior Services: Provides support and resources for senior citizens in the county.
In addition to these departments, there are also various agencies that fall under the government in Erie County, such as the Erie County Water Authority, the Erie County Industrial Development Agency, and the Erie County Medical Center.

Elections in Erie County

In addition to the County Executive and County Legislature elections, there are also other elections that take place in Erie County. These include elections for various town and village positions, as well as state and federal elections. The Board of Elections in Erie County is responsible for overseeing all elections within the county. They ensure that all eligible residents have the opportunity to vote and that all votes are counted accurately. One important aspect of elections in Erie County is early voting.

In 2019, New York State passed a law allowing for early voting in all counties. This means that registered voters can cast their ballots at designated polling places before Election Day. Early voting takes place over a nine-day period leading up to Election Day, making it easier for residents to participate in the democratic process.

The Importance of Government in Erie County

The government in Erie County plays a crucial role in the daily lives of its residents. It is responsible for providing essential services such as public safety, education, and infrastructure maintenance.

The government also works to attract new businesses and industries to the county, creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy. Furthermore, the government in Erie County is responsible for addressing and solving issues that affect its residents. This includes addressing poverty, improving public health, and promoting environmental sustainability.

In Conclusion

The government in Erie County, NY is a vital entity that works to serve its residents and improve the overall quality of life in the county. With a strong County Executive, a dedicated County Legislature, and various departments and agencies, the government is able to effectively address the needs of its diverse population. Regular elections ensure that residents have a say in who represents them and how their tax dollars are spent.

As Erie County continues to grow and evolve, it is essential that its government remains efficient, transparent, and accountable to its residents.

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